Bulloch Technologies Inc.

BT9000: The Proven “All-In-One” Station Controller


Dollar for dollar, BT9000 provides more features and benefits at a lower cost than any other station controller available

It’s Simple to Use

In fact, simplicity and ease of use are the most common phrases from our customers.  Training a new attendant takes minutes rather than hours.  And yes, we supply the manual.

Just a Few Keystrokes

Sales are fast and easy to process.  The BT9000 uses less keystrokes to process a sale than any other controller available on the market today.

Standard Computer Components

Bulloch Technologies uses standard, inexpensive and readily available components as its hardware.  No, you won’t find proprietary computers, boards or reversed engineered technologies or operating systems in the BT9000 Station Controller.

Handles Debit and Credit Systems

In addition to supporting several proprietary point-of-sale networks, the BT9000 provides a direct link to a Debit and Credit network maintained by Global Payments.

Get all of the high-end features at a low-end price...

Full Pump Control Support

Full pump control support is available for the following dispenser manufacturers:

  1. -Gilbarco

  2. -Wayne Dresser

  3. -Tokheim

  4. -Kraus Industries

Integrated Cash Register Functions

The BT9000 is a fully featured cash register which can be connected to:

  1. -UPC product scanner

  2. -A customer pole display

  3. -Receipt Printer

  4. -Cash Drawer

  5. -Debit PIN Pad

  6. -Contactless Reader

  7. -Car Wash Controller

  8. -Price Sign

And with simple and easy to use utilities, you can set up and maintain a comprehensive price book with BT9000

In-Pump Card Readers Supported

Full in-pump card reader support is available for the following types:

  1. -Gilbarco

  2. -Gilbarco EMV

  3. -Wayne Dresser

  4. -Wayne Dresser EMV

  5. -Tokheim